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Podcast Episode Ten: Health, Fitness and Well-being Mantras from Dr. Arun Agrawal

published : 16-10-2020

Dr. Arun Agrawal is a Cancer Surgeon & Oncologist, President of Academy of Indore Marathoners and Convener of the Adventure Club of Indore.

He is a fitness enthusiast and has inspired countless others towards a fit and healthy lifestyle. He has run numerous marathons, half marathons and participated in dualthlons and trialtholons alike.

Podcast Episode Ten: Health, Fitness and Well-being Mantras from Dr. Arun Agrawal

It was his vision and passion that put Indore on the international marathon scene five years. Now each year tens of thousands of people participate in Indore marathon and other events organized by AIM (Academy of Indore Marathoners).

Dr. Agrawal can be reached at https://www.facebook.com/drarun100

Full Episode

Here is the video version of Podcast.

Podcast Notes

  • - 2:00 Journey from Fat to Fit started in 1993 when I was rebuffed initially for trekking due to poor fitness
  • - 3:30 Started skipping and going to gym. Went on to doing 3000 rope skipping per day and did successful trekking
  • - 5:50 Formed Adventure club of Indore in 1996 which has done multiple adventure excursions in past 24 years.
  • - 7:05 We have immense potential in our human bodies. We should keep challenging ourselves
  • - 10:40 In 2011, Fauza Singh's Marathon finish at age of 100 inspired me to take up running
  • - 14:00 Cobbled together group of 12 people in Indore to participate in 2012 Mumbai Marathon.
  • - 16:00 Participation started swelling up in next couple years which sow the seeds for Indore Marathon
  • - 18:00 First edition of the Indore Marathon with over 15K participants in 2015
  • - 21:00 If I can start running at age of 55 then you and anybody else can do it. Age is not a bar
  • - 24:00 Running Marathon distance of 42K is a mind game. Finishing a marathon changes your life
  • - 27:00 Large % of population suffering from Metabolic syndrome due to bad eating habits and no exercise
  • - 32:00 Easy to introduce exercise in your day to day activity. Use stairs, walk more, do household chores etc
  • - 34:00 We are not getting obesity but dibesity. 1/3 of world suffers from metabolic syndrome
  • - 36:00 Intermittent Fasting can transform your body including huge reduction in weight
  • - 38:00 Feasting to fasting. Our bodies are not made to consume food continuously
  • - 41:00 Focus on low fat but carb and sugar loaded foods is causing health epidemic
  • - 42:00 We have forgotten the ages old virtues of fasting
  • - 43:00 Intermittent Fasting is not dieting. Its just adjustment of the time period when you consume any food
  • - 44:00 You can't lose weight by just exercising, you will have to work on your food and when you eat it
  • - 48:00 Intermittent fasting slowly work towards 16-8, eat during only 8 hour window, fast for 16 hours
  • - 54:00 If you have to walk thousand miles, take the first step
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