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Episode Seven: Power Lifting to Power Running - A talk with Anik Raheja, an athlete, a poet, an entrepreneur, a writer and much more

published : 05-10-2020

Anik Raheja, who is 35 years old, is an avid weight lifter and passionate runner. Besides running many marathons and other long distance events in past few years, he has been associated with 41 events as an ‘Ambassador’, 43 events as an ‘Official Pacer’, as ‘Face of the Event’ for three events, six events as ‘Pacers Coordinator’, two events as ‘Motivator Runner’ and two events as an ‘Event Instigator’. He has done the highest number of pacing assignments in India with a fine accuracy rate, and now does selection and mentoring of other pacers too.

Power Lifting To Power Running - A Talk With Anik Raheja.

Founder and Director, More Healthy Souls :
More Healthy Souls is an organization which creates awareness about healthy living by conducting fitness events and also works as an assistance to help people overcome drug addictions. It manages Jalandhar Running and Cycling Club, Kapurthala Running and Cycling Club, Phagwara Running and Cycling Club, Nakoder Running and Cycling Club etc.

Founder and President, RBAI :
RBAI stands for Runners and Bikers Association of India, it was formed to deal with the issues either on the part of organizer or participant. It has successfully sorted out several cases and helped many runners get their deserving prize.

Other Roles :

  1. Event Instigator and Pacers- Co-ordinator for all events of Thrill Zone (Since October, 2018)
  2. Sports Mentor for "Chaanan Vocational and Skill Training Center" (Assisting children who have Down Syndrome)
  3. Pacers co-ordinator :
    • - Punjab Half Marathon, October 2018
    • - Punjab Half Marathon, January 2019
    • - Hoshiarpur Ride and Run, 2019
    • - Dehradun Half Marathon, 2019
    • - Punjab Half Marathon, February 2020
    • - Daily World Marathon, 2020 (To be held)
  4. Run Catalyst, Decathlon Sports Utsav, 2018
  5. Director, Bholath Running and Cycling Club
  6. `

Ambassador for all events by : Raceify, Cyruns, Super Athlete

Product Endorsements : Garmin, beetWin, Syrgent

Featured in :-

  1. Mid Day Newspaper in context of pacing assignment in Tata Mumbai Marathon, 2018
  2. All India Radio "Khed Jagat" on 6th July, 2019 - Interview and talk about sports and Marathons.

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